RMH 2016 is Bigger and Better than ever!!

houseThis years Rutherford Manor Haunt is about 70% different than last years and the reviews of the Haunt are off the chart!  Attendance is also breaking last years previous records by a long shot and donations for the Food Bank and SCARS have been great!


So far in two nights we have had over 1000 people go through RMH and we expect the next two nights to be amazing (Especially Halloween Night!)


Thank you so much to all the Volunteers for making this year our best yet!  We are half way through and the next two nights are going to be TRULY EPIC!


If you haven’t come by the Haunt yet come down tonight for some serious scary fun. If you have come already bring some new victims for the Haunt and enjoy watching them SCREAM!!


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InstagramsmallHello again RMH fans!  Now that we are getting into the scare season you can follow our progress to Halloween Weekend on Instagram and Twitter.  Here are some links to check us out

This is our main repository on social media of what’s happening at RMH.  Please hashtag us your photos during Halloween weekend to add to the fun and excitement!

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RMH Cast Spooks the Edmonton Expo

RMH CAST AT EDMONTON EXPO 2016Our cast had an AMAZING time at the 2016 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. We had SO many people come up to us with requests for photos and videos.  The Expo even honoured us by putting us in their annual Cosplay Video. Thank so much to all the Volunteers who helped make this possible and the Expo for treating us so very well.



Check out Spalding’s Instagram Page for photos from the con and much more.

RMH Cast Live at the Edmonton Comic Expo


RMH 2016 CastWe are very happy to announce that our 2016 cast will be attending the 2016 Edmonton Comic Expo in our full costumed glory!  Come see and talk to us about the upcoming Halloween Haunt and get one of our new 2016 RMH Trading Cards for your collection.


Hope to see you all there!

RMH Trading Cards Have Arrived!

RMH Trading CardsOur trading cards are in and they look totally amazing. Now you can have a keepsake from the upcoming 2016 haunt to collect and share with your friends.


We will be handing these cards out on September 23rd at the Edmonton Comic Expo and during the haunt on Halloween weekend.  There are 9 to collect!  Bring lots of donations for your entry to the haunt and get more cards with the more you bring!

Rutherford Manor 2015 Haunting Awards!

Here is a group photo of the awards RMH received for 2015 season! We are very honoured and proud of these accomplishments!!


RMH 2015 AwardsThis photo includes our third honour from the 2015 season, wow we are so proud!! Thanks Chris and Jeff Davis for supporting the Home Haunters Awards video, all of the Judges, and Necrotic Creations! Special shout out to our actors, photographers, RMH crew/supporters and neighbours!! Could not have achieved this without everyone’s support!



  1. Canadian Haunters Association – Best CDN Walk-through
  2. Dead with Dave – Best Walk-through Home Haunt
  3. Home Haunters Award – Best Home Haunt Vanguard

RMH Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

UPDATE! The Photo Shoot is now LIVE!  Check out our GALLERIES section to see the amazing photos from out this event!


skullphotoHello RMH fans!  We have a special treat for you today. The RMH Universe is expanding in 2016 and our creative team recently just finished the photo shoot of all the existing and new characters of the Flesher Clan!



In about three weeks we will be releasing the Official Photos and I can tell you that these photos are going to be TRULY EPIC! Stay tuned for more!


Preston E ( aka -Spalding)