Alastor Flesher

alastor2Alastor Flesher’s great, great grandfather Stephen immigrated to Canada in 1831, where he established a meat market in a remote Ontario community. Eventually his descendants came west settling in the Edmonton area in late 1929, where Alastor Flesher set up a thriving butcher’s shop. In the early 1930’s when the Great Depression took hold, Alastor upheld his forefather’s longstanding tradition of nourishing his kin, locating innovative protein sources that kept his family and community reasonably healthy during a time where many went hungry. Alastor prospered in his profession, as did his family. He and his wife had 8 children, three daughters and the rest sons.

It is Alastor’s youngest son, Nox Flesher and his wife Lilith, that brought true infamy to the Flesher name.