Cast & Crew

Hugh Flesher (yes that’s his name!) – Haunt Owner

Hugh is one of the founding members and owners of the Rutherford Manor Haunt. Truly a busy man he juggles his full time work with around 10 months of preparation for the Haunt each season.

Hugh builds all of the sets and mechanical wizardry that you will find in the Haunt.

Therese Hansell – Haunt Owner

Founding member and one of the owners of the Rutherford Manor Haunt. Like Hugh she is busy around 10 months of the year with the Haunt along with her regular career.

Therese is a pro at aging props and costumes and does all of the painting of props.

Lindsay Christopher – Actress and singer

Lindsay has been involved in film, TV, theatre, and live music. She plays Louise in the Rutherford Manor TV series and is a vocalist in Daniel Martin and the Infamous. Rutherford gives her the perfect opportunity to show diversity by providing contrast to her business as a professional princess for hire.

Ken Davies – Actor

kenKen is a long time actor with the Rutherford Manor Haunt and one of the first things you see at the front front door of the Haunt that lets you know something creepy is inside.

He has a voice you WILL NOT FORGET. Have a chat with him and get prepared for a truly frightening night.

Sabrina Davies – Actress

sabrinaSabrina is also known as the baby lady. A true character actress she can be found roaming around the crowd in line waiting to get in.

Don’t look at her babies but do ask her for some candy, if you dare!!

Keighla Dawn – Actress and media assistant

Keighla Dawn is a creative jack of all trades. Growing up, Keighla’s family always had the best decorated house on the block and Halloween became her favourite time of the year. When not scaring people for fun she is a competitive pole athlete, model, cosplayer, and artist. She is also one of the crazy co-creators of the new Rutherford Manor card game: The Black Altar.

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Preston Ewasiuk – Actor and Media Director

Preston is a character actor who likes to engage the attendees and has been with the Haunt for a many years. He truly loves to scare the wits out of kids and adults alike. When not in costume, Preston helps behind the scenes at the Rutherford Manor Haunt and also handles the media, production and web presence for the Rutherford Manor Universe.
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Chloe Hansell – Actress

Life imitates art and art imitates life with Chloe, the real life daughter of Hugh and Therese, taking on the role of Mallory Flesher, the daughter of Nox and Lilith.

Chloe’s been involved in design and acting in the haunt from the very early years. It was her idea to turn the family garage into a dungeon diorama and from that grew the Rutherford Manor Haunt.

Conor Hildebrandt – Actor and Photographer

Conor is no stranger to costumes and photography. He is very well known in the local Edmonton Cosplay Community for his sharp photos of great costume creations. He can be found at local conventions taking pictures of Cosplay Artists and now the Historian at RMH!

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Daniel Martin – Actor and musician

Haunt actor, Rock Musician, Guitarist, Singer, and Song Writer. Just some of the many talents Daniel Martin brings into the Rutherford Manor world. Daniel and his band, The Infamous, have created the music and soundtrack of Rutherford: A Taste of Madness. Daniel is happy to share his vision of terror and insanity at Rutherford Manor.

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Sharayah Piercey -Actress and writer

Sharayah Piercey first got involved with the Rutherford Manor Haunt in 2017, and she’s been neck deep in it ever since (and loving every minute of it). After her first year with the haunt, she received Runner up Best Female Scare Actor from the Canadian Haunters Association and has since joined the writing team for the Rutherford Manor comic book and up-and-coming TV series. She’s looking to scare you in as many ways as humanly (and inhumanly) possible this halloween!

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Ryley Shandro – Actress

ryleyRyley is a local student who loves all things Pop Culture.

Definitely a fan of Vampires and Zombies, Science Fiction, Fantasy and all things really creepy!

Ryley also plays soccer for a local Premier Girls Soccer Team with her friend Shannon.

Scarlet Shandro – Actress

Scarlet is a local High School student who always has a super big smile on her face. She is the little sister to long time RMH haunter Ryley and has a love for all sorts of creepy and cool pop culture.

She plays premier soccer and is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Christopher Thrall – Actor

Chris Thrall is a newcomer to the Rutherford Haunt, though he has served as both corpse and sleeping congregant in the trailer videos. He is also one of the minds behind The Black Altar card game – ask him about it! This writer and PR professional by day will be scaring you by night with his girlfriend and eldest daughter… you have been warned!

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Sean Gordon – Photographer and actor

Having started off being happy to shoot landscapes and abandoned buildings, Sean made the mistake of checking out a zombie walk in 2008, and has been pursuing dark imagery and performance art ever since. The rural-based horror of Rutherford Manor is a perfect mixture of everything he likes to shoot. Sean didn’t know how much he’d embrace the panic though, until 2019, where he will be made his Rutherford Manor Haunt acting debut.

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Thank You to Our Additional 2019 Cast & Crew

Arlihda Idirzi

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Travis Simmons

Thank You Additional 2018 Cast & Crew

Bruce Lepine

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Hanako Nagao

Jaime Hill

Jimmy Hill

Maeryn Thrall

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Mayu Hinamori

Paige Patenaude

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Travis Simmons

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