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Rutherford Manor Podcast with Bison Moon Group

Hey RMH Fans!  Check out this awesome Podcast Interview of Rutherford Manor haunters Hugh Flesher, Therese Hansell and Preston Ewasiuk. This program will bring you a little closer to the world of Rutherford Manor and where these three visionaries are taking the world of Rutherford in 2018.

Click here to visit Blue Moon Group.


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The Rutherford Manor Universe Expands!

Nearly a year in the making we are super stoked to announce a MAJOR EXPANSION of the Rutherford Manor Universe with the upcoming release of our first short story book;


Rutherford Manor – Flesher Deeds Never Rest


Written by Jordhana Rempel this collection of short stories invites you to step into Rutherford Manor, home of the ruthless Fleshers and cunning Savidges. Two children find a strange woman living in the attic; love is found over a poisoned teacup; a prisoner wakes up with an unexpected burden. People learn that they can’t escape their past, that the most unassuming person can be the strongest ally, and that owls are not to be trusted. Delve into how the family at Rutherford Manor got its gruesome reputation….. If you DARE!!


Worldwide release of the book will be available starting on Sept 22, 2017 in PRINT FORM at the Edmonton Expo.


When you purchase a book at the Expo we will donate some of the sale proceeds to support SCARS.  For our worldwide fans you can also pre-order the E-BOOK version of the book on AMAZON KINDLE.




Rutherford Manor Music Exclusive – A Taste Of Madness

We are very proud to announce the upcoming release of the first Rutherford Manor Metal Extravaganza:
A Taste of Madness by Daniel Martin


Songwriter and Metal Musician, Daniel Martin, has created a rocking and haunting work of musical art that will creep you out and rock all at the same time.


We will be launching the first single of the title track, A Taste Of Madness, at the Edmonton Expo on Sept 22, 2017 with worldwide digital download availability.  Come see us and Daniel at our Expo booth to help support SCARS, get a Digital Download Card, and meet some of our furry friends.


We will link up the Worldwide Release Website on Sept 22nd for everyone worldwide to be able to download this ‘killer’ track!