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The Rutherford Manor Universe Continues to Grow!


Can’t get enough of your favourite creepy family? Want more scares?

Embrace the panic and venture forth into the expanded Rutherford Manor Universe! Explore a whole new world of thrills and chills inspired by the Rutherford Manor Haunt. Read about your favourite characters in short stories and a full length novel, collect Rutherford art, or follow the journey to producing a TV show inspired by a humble local haunted house!

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Rutherford Manor Music Exclusive – A Taste Of Madness

Listen to the music of the Rutherford Manor:
A Taste of Madness by Daniel Martin

Songwriter and Metal Musician, Daniel Martin, and his band The Infamous, have created a rocking and haunting work of musical art that will creep you out and rock all at the same time.

A Taste Of Madness launched at the Edmonton Expo in September 2017 with worldwide digital download availability and has been rocking the music scene since.

Come see the last live performance of 2019 for Daniel Martin and the Infamous on November 16, 2019 at an all ages show! Get the details here.