RMH Cast to Attend Halfway to Halloween Party

People love to dress up and party, so why do it only once a year?


The guys of Savage Playground are graciously hosting a Halfway to Halloween Party this year in the Mercury Room and have invited the cast of RMH as Haunting Guests to bring a special freak factor to the party!  We can’t pass that invitation up so some of our creepy cast will be there in full costume!  Come down to Mercury Room for one of the biggest parties of 2017 and check out a band that is truly going places!


Join Nox, Lilith, Muut, Billy the Butcher and Vivian for some creepy fun!


Mercury Room
10575-114 st NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3J6
Friday, April 28 at 8 PM – 2 AM   FACEBOOK EVENT LINK