Lisa and Louise Savidge – The New Generation

Innocent is not a word to be used to describe the Savidge twins, Lisa and Louise.  From an early age the twins father, Spalding, noticed a penchant for the macabre in the girls. As young girls they would take bugs and small rodents and do interesting and painful things to them during play time. They would treat same age peers with an uneasy meanness that people weren’t sure if it was sincere or simply kidding. This of course was not normal young girl behavior but the girls did well to keep the real truth from their peers and mother as they know she didn’t like those things.

Their father on the other hand saw great potential with the obvious Flesher tendencies and decided to assist the develop of this behavior in their early teen years. It was at this time that he took a chance with the girls and introduced them to the true world of the Flesher clan. He could not have been prepared for what the girls reaction would be.

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Like young kids in a theme park they were curious and excited at the possibilities. They wanted to know everything about the history of the Flesher and Savidge families. They got giddy in excitement at the prospect of helping Uncle Nox and Aunt Lilith prepare some special experiment. They learned how to BAKE with alternate food sources from Lilith and enjoyed serving their special baked concoctions to their unsuspecting peers.


All of this ‘fun and learning’ happened without their mother, Penny Darling, having any clue as to what was going on. Then one day their mother learned the terrible truth that Lisa and Louise had inherited the very essence of what it meant to be a Flesher and a Savidge. Their mother could not handle this fact and carved her own eyes out the night she learned the truth and had a complete mental breakdown.

As true members of the Flesher clan Lisa and Louise have taken to what Nox and Lilith started all those years ago and brought new creativeness to the family business. Truly they are the new generation dedicated to extreme experimentation and maniacal tendencies.