Nox and Lilith Flesher

Nox Flesher, was an exceptional child, always designing and creating gadgets for the family home. He was considerably younger than his siblings and spent a great deal of time on his own as a boy. Many called him peculiar, sullen and said he lived in his own world. As a young adult he became more withdrawn, and began focusing his resourcefulness on mastering the skills of his forefathers. Nox attended university and excelled in the sciences. He immersed himself in the study of biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy. While at school he met his longtime partner Lilith.

lilithLilith was timid; an outsider who rarely spoke with people. She preferred the company of her plants and animals. She studied botany and agriculture while at school and spent countless hours in the laboratory creating hybrid plants, germinating seeds and whispering to her lab creations. Lilith ran into Nox late one evening while looking for samples of night blooming Jasmine. Nox was seeking a nocturnal creature for analysis and study. Their mutual interest in alchemy and proclivity for invention made them kindred spirits. Nox and Lilith were inseparable after that fateful night.

As time progressed they have become increasingly secretive, feeding off each other’s dark obsessions and enabling each other’s distorted genius. The couple has two children, Mallory and Adolf; they were raised in isolation, without attention, discipline or affection. The two adolescents fend for themselves, while Nox and Lilith continue their pursuit of finding a sustainable food source. In the early days their experiments were carried out on animals, neighbors pets would go missing, wildlife taken from the grounds of the Manor. Lilith, working with her plants, dispensed apothecary to Nox to “inoculate” his specimens. She has mixed countless failed potions and destroyed many inferior plant hybrids. Nox invents crossbreeds as well, although his conceptions deviate from the horticultural arena Lilith endeavors to work in. His mongrels were born from animal, plant or humanoid composites. These hideous, pitiful creations suffered horribly during their short lives.

Collectively their experiments have grown more sinister, after hundreds of failed potions, concoctions, transfusions and transplants Lilith and Nox Flesher finally created the ultimate abomination…