Spalding Savidge and Penny Darling Flesher

Over the generations as the Flesher’s have indulged the sourcing of alternate sources of sustenance and embraced their dark obsessions. For 700 hundred years one family has always been in the background moving ever so quietly to dispose of any evidence of Flesher transgressions, The Savidge family.

The Savidge family is a very old Eastern European family that came to Canada when the Flesher’s emigrated in the early 1800’s. For centuries they have owned and operated some of the most notorious cemeteries and crypts in the world. Some traditional lore throughout Europe has even whispered that the Savidge family may be responsible for a large part of the construction of the Sedlec Ossuary (Czech Republic) in the 1500’s which is estimated to contain the skeletons of over 40,000 people.  It is rumored that the Flesher’s of that era hid much of the evidence among the remains of the victims of the black death in the mid 1400’s.

Spalding Savidge

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Spalding Savidge and Alastor Flesher first met through a coming of age ceremony. Spalding was a young man when he met an aging Alastor but he had already had years of preparation by his father of the true Savidge tradition and responsibilities. To him it was important to embrace his family heritage and he took pride in his work as a problem solver and keeper of the unfortunate dead. For many years Spalding and his father continued to keep the goings on of Alastor hidden from the world with Spalding taking great care in his work and respect of the partnership with the Flesher Clan.

Nox and Spalding met on a late summers evening at the Flesher home and knew immediately that they were like minded in the views of the world even though Nox was more of a recluse than his father. Spalding saw immediately that Nox would carry on the Flesher ways but he had no idea how far Nox would go into the dark abominations after he met Lilith.

For many more years Spalding served Alastor and once Nox and Lilith began their Experiments assisted the pair of them as well. Nox knew that Spalding would always serve the Flesher’s in the true tradition of his forefathers so for his dedicated services Nox arranged a marriage of sorts with his niece, Penny “Darling” Flesher.

Penny Darling

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Penny was a good soul that was constantly conflicted by the family business. Her father had  segregated himself from his siblings which kept Penny from being exposed to the family at a young age. Tragedy unfortunately struck with Penny’s mother and father being killed in a devastating fire with only Penny surviving as she watched her parents burn to death. How the fire started was never discovered however the rumor in the neighborhood was Arson.

Distraught and without family Penny came under the care of Nox and Lilith during her most innocent early teen years. Penny always thought her Uncle and Aunt were somewhat strange but just dismissed this behavior as quirky until one day she learned the terrible truth. This caused her much internal conflict as she did not grow up around the true Flesher clan but deep down she was strangely attracted to it causing her Flesher blood to take hold.

As Penny got older and more exposed to the experiments of Nox and Lilith she wondered what would happen to her and if she would be next. When Nox announced to Penny that she was to be married to Spalding she was not immediately happy about it but as she began to think about her own future and safety she embraced the idea and agreed to meet Spalding.

When Spalding and Penny first met she wondered immediately why her Uncle Nox would choose such a man. Spalding was much older than she was but she had noticed a strange and magnetic charisma in him that stirred up deep and dark feelings inside her true Flesher bloodline. She didn’t quite understand what was going on inside her but one thing she knew for certain was that she wanted away from Nox and Lilith in fear for her own safety and being married to Spalding was the way out of her current situation.

The early years for Spalding and Penny were very typical of a new couple with both of them learning about the other a step at a time. One thing was always odd in the relationship as every time Penny asked about his work did he simply replied to her that he worked in the funeral business and business was good. She accepted that fact and concentrated her efforts to keeping the house and attending tea with other ladies in the community. Eventually the couple had a beautiful pair of girls , Lisa and Louise. Penny stayed home to raise the children and was content with home and family life for a while.

By the time Lisa and Louise were in their mid teens Penny started to notice that they became more violent and mean spirited with their peers. Wondering what was wrong with them she approached Spalding about the matter which he simply told her it was typical teen behavior. Then one day Penny discovered the terrible truth.

One day after school the girls came home and Lisa had a black eye and Penny asked the two girls what happened. Both of the girls explained to her that Louise had been bullied by a girl at school and Lisa took matters into her own hands and got into a fight with the bully bothering her sister. Penny was furious over this behavior in the girls and demanded that the girls tell Spalding immediately and sent them to the town mortuary to explain to their father what happened. Hours went by and soon it was dark. Penny started to panic that something had happened to her girls and immediately went to find Spalding. Once at the mortuary she could see that a light was on in the back preparation room and in her panic barged into the room to see if Spalding had seen the girls.

What Penny saw in the preparation room was nothing she could have even dreamt of. In the middle of the room was a large pool of blood with a body of a young teenage girl partially dismembered and three people working on the body at the same time. It was Spalding, Lisa and Louise starting to dispose of the ‘Bully’ that bothered Louise earlier in the day. Penny was completely dumbfounded and memories of the past immediately surfaced of what she saw with Nox and Lilith. Penny thought she had got away from that evil but now she was faced with the fact that Spalding and her two precious little girls were doing horrible things to someone that reminded her of her traumatic past. Then as if a dark demon was haunting her she saw a black figure with horns and wings beckoning her for just a brief moment replaced by the figure of Nox walking towards her covered in blood  and holding a pair of filthy bloody sheers in his hands.

The Savidge Family

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To her horror she discovered that Lisa and Louise had truly embraced their Flesher bloodline with Spalding and Nox training the girls in the aspects of each family’s business for several years. Upon learning this Penny began to shutdown in shock. At this moment she was flooded with fear, sickness, excitement, and curiosity as her Flesher blood began to stir. The conflict in her heart and head was too much for her to handle so she decided that she could not see this evil anymore. She went wild with grief and when Spalding tried to calm her down Penny grabbed a dull knife from the mortuary table and carved out both of her eyes. She would no longer have to see her pure and beautiful girls perform such diabolical acts.


Penny truly broke that day and now has a deep dark hole inside her soul that is quickly being filled by her Flesher side. She is constantly trying to fill this void in her soul and now seeks others with bright souls that she can consume by luring those unsuspecting innocents into the grasp of her family.

Spalding continues to spend his nights teaching his two prodigy daughters, Lisa and Louise, the intricacies of the family business. With all of the family members now working together in an uneasy and morbid synergy they have become truly skilled when it comes to disposing of the Flesher transgressions which are provided in abundance.