Spalding Savidge and Penny Darling Flesher

Over the generations, as the Flesher’s have indulged the sourcing of alternate types of sustenance and embraced their dark obsessions, one family has always been in the background moving ever so quietly to dispose of any evidence of Flesher transgressions: The Savidge family.

Spalding Savidge

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Spalding Savidge first met an aging Alastor Flesher when Spalding was a young man. For many years Spalding kept the goings on of the Fleshers hidden from the world until he met a young Nox. Spalding saw immediately that Nox would carry on the Flesher ways but he had no idea how far Nox would go into the dark abominations after he met Lilith.

Spalding served and assisted Nox and Lilith as they began their Experiments. Nox knew that Spalding would always serve the Flesher’s in the true tradition of his forefathers so, for his dedicated services, Nox arranged a marriage of sorts with his niece, Penny “Darling” Flesher.

Penny Darling

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Penny’s father had split from his siblings before Penny was born. Tragedy struck, however, when Penny’s parents were killed in a devastating fire and she came under the care of Nox and Lilith in her early teens. At first she found her aunt and uncle disturbing, but as Penny got older and more exposed to the experiments of Nox and Lilith she wondered what would happen to her and if she would be next. When Nox announced to Penny that she was to be married to Spalding, who was considerably older than her, she was not immediately happy about it but she saw the marriage as a way to get away from Nox and Lilith.

Eventually the couple had a beautiful pair of girls , Lisa and Louise. When the twins got older Penny started to notice that they were more violent and mean spirited than their peers. Spalding dismissed it as typical teen behavior, but one day Penny discovered the terrible truth.

The Savidge Family

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To her horror she discovered that Lisa and Louise had truly embraced their Flesher bloodline. Penny went wild with grief, grabbed a dull knife, and carved out both of her eyes. She would no longer have to see her pure and beautiful girls embrace their Flesher heritage.

Penny broke and now has a deep dark hole inside her soul and seeks others with bright souls that she can consume by luring those unsuspecting innocents into the grasp of her family.

Spalding continues to spend his nights teaching his two daughters, Lisa and Louise, the intricacies of the family business. With all of the family members now working together, they have become truly skilled when it comes to disposing of the Flesher transgressions which are provided in abundance.