Rutherford Manor Haunt - Now Hallway Victim

Thrills, chills, guts and gore! The multi-award winning Rutherford Manor Haunt is one of Edmonton’s Premier Home Yard and House Haunts each Halloween season.

Each year thousands of people enjoy getting the wits scared out of them and help support the Edmonton Food Bank and  Second Chance Animal Rescue with donations.

Come join us, IF YOU DARE, for some fun, laugh and SCREAMS and help support the Food Bank with a non-perishable food items or items for our furry friends helped by the Second Chance Animal Rescue!

Since 2009



The final chapter of Rutherford Manor Haunt is now at hand. After over a decade of haunting the owners and creators of Rutherford Manor Haunt are ready to go to the next stage of thier lives. So what does this really mean for the Haunted House? 

  • Rutherford Manor as a walkthrough non-profit haunted house in Edmonton is coming to an end. This year (2022) will the last year that the haunt will be presented in the size it has grown to and complexity. 
  • Rutherford Manor Haunt at 1906 Robertson Cresent will still continue as a large display and more tailored towards children. It will still help with raising money for Second Chance Animal Rescue and donations for the food bank.  



So does this mean that the intense, scary, and kick ass experience that Rutherford Manor Haunt has become will be gone forever?
The short anwer is DEFINATELY NOT! 

The principals behind the Rutherford Manor brand are already hard at work planning the next phase of the FULL HAUNT EXPERIENCE which is going to be larger and wilder than ever before.  This is all we can say for now about the new path of the brand of Rutherford Manor and the Haunt itsself. If what we have planned comes to fruition it will bring our experience to tens of thousands more in the future.  



This year is going to be wilder and busier than ever before.  If you want to experience the haunted house that broke the rules and elevated the home haunt experience THIS IS THE YEAR!   Come find out why Rutherford Manor Haunt has won award after award and experience THE FINAL CUT for yourself. 


2015 – CHA Best Canadian Indoor/Walk Through Haunt

2015 – Dead With Dave Best Walk Thru Home Haunt

2015 – Haunters Video Awards (Davis Graveyard) Best Indoor/Walk Through Haunt

2016 – Haunters Video Awards (Davis Graveyard) Best Indoor/Walk Through Haunt Vanguard

2016 – CHA Best Animated Prop Finalist

2016 – CHA Best Male Scare Actor Finalist

2017 – CHA Best Canadian Walk Through Haunt

2017 – CHA Best Male Scare Actor (Fantoccini Maestro)

2018 – CHA Best Canadian Walk Through Haunt Hall of Fame

2018 – CHA Best Male Scare Actor Hall of Fame (Fantoccini Maestro)

2019 – CHA Best Male Scare Actor (Christopher Thrall)

2020 – Home Haunters Awards Best Display Haunt

2020 – Home Haunters Awards Best Overall

2021 – CHA Best Canadian Walk Through Haunt Hall of Fame


Billy The Butcher - Catacombs

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Do you dare enter the new ear of Rutherfor Manor Haunt?  Will you survive the butchery and experimentation that happens within?  There is only one way to find out what you are made for this Halloween Season.